CrAzY LiFe!!
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2001-09-13 03:12:01 (UTC)


Well Mark got on and I asked him if had his date for
Homecoming yet and he said he was working on it with this
Tanya girl he knows from work. So I just said well If she
absolutly wont go and u cant find anyone else just remember
that I dont have a date either. He said thanks but thats
about it. SO I kinda hope she says no. Shes really nice
though I'm not friends with her I was just stranded at the
grocery store one time and she let us use her cell phone
cuz all the power went out. I dunno though.... I got my dad
2 unground me after today so I can do something tomorrow.
i'll probally just talk 2 Ben and see what hes doing then
see if I cn go with them just so I can get out of this lame
ass house! I dunno Drew told me they might be going 2 some
Haunted housed in KC I wanna go I've never been to 1. I bet
that sounds pretty pathetic but I haven't. So I dunno I'll
have all these guys to protect me... HAHA! Well this ones
short but I already wrote once today maybe twice so later