ali 2
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2001-09-13 03:11:16 (UTC)


Ysterday morning,my mom comes running in my room crying.
Usually when she does that someone either died,or my
parents are splitting up. She couldn't get any words
out.She just dragged me out of bed and made me watch the
tv. I stood there in horror seeing a HUGE plume of smoke
rising up from Manhattan Island.At first I was like "Oh my
gosh! What if it comes here." While my mom's dressing to go
get gas,food water,and any other neccessities (she was
kinda flipping out),I'm laying there watching the World
TRade Center buildings fall to the ground. Later on that
day the newscasters said that people were just stopping in
the middle of the streets praying with victims or jsut
random people.

All these innocent poeple's lives were taken just cuz some
guy from the other side of the world wanted to make a
point. That makes me mad!! Sitting there all day
yesterday,watching mostly the same footage being played
over and over and over again,made me realize what we've
taken for granted. None of those people went to work
yesteraday morning thinking or even considering that that
could be their last day on earth. And I want you to think
about this,wether you're
Agnstic,Athiest,Christian,Catholic,Jewish,whatever else
there is that isn't coming to my mind,how many people went
to Hell yesterday? I don't want to think about it actually.

Latley I've been obsessed with the Left Behind series,I
encourage you GREATLY to read them.Watching the news
yesterday,I seriously felt like I was in Left Behind.
Seeing the fear in the reporters and other people's
faces,watching 2 of the most know buildings in the world
fall to the ground,all of these things seeme like Left
Behind was coming to life.

About 2 weeks ago now,I made a decision. I have been going
to church my ENTIRE life,I'm HUGELY involved in my
church,and most people think that I'm a pretty good girl.
But they were wrong. I haven't been living a life that God
wants us to,and I finally realized it and got right with
God. A part of me wanted to be there with these people on
the streets praying wittnessing to strangers,bringing them
to Christ,but I realized all i could do was pray. Pray for
them,their families,our safety,our country,our
President,and our future.

I want to pray for you. If you are scared and don't know
what to do. Or maybe you are just looking for something
that can fill a void in your life that you've been filling
with the wrong stuff,please e-mail me. I would be more tha
happy to talk with you. Even if you just have a few
questions or even criticism,I'll be happy to hear form you.
My name is Ali and you can reach me at
[email protected] I know that's not the e-mail i have
down,but I use this one more than the other one.
Anyways,thanks for your time,and don't be afraid to talk to
me. Byebyebye!! and God bless America!!!!