Epics of me
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2003-01-20 04:37:36 (UTC)

kinda lonely... the usual

Well this day was BLAH. Went to bed at 1am, mom woke me up
for no good freakin reason an HOUR EARLY! Why i ask? Cuz
she didnt want me to be late. So what do i do? I go back to
be for an hour THEN i wake up and take a cold shower cuz my
freakin mom used all the hot water for the laundry. So i
got to church late! hehe Then i went to work where
basically im shunned b/c of my problems with dan, who
just "accidentally" almost hit me with the friggin
forklift. And to make it even better when i was loading a
sofa into some guys truck i got one of those big industrial
size staple thingies into my finger which just made my day
sooooooooo much better. And as usual the rest of my night
proves uneventful besides gettin myself talked into waking
up early tomorrow and taking my brother to his girlfriends
house. I LOVE FINCH!!!!!!!!!! Well this is def. long but i do feel
better so there
shall be more!

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