Sometimes.. I need to hide from everyone
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2003-01-20 04:21:08 (UTC)

I'm sick of food

fuck it. I don't need food to live. I'm sick of it. I'm
5'8" and 130 pounds. I'm so fucking fat. I'm sick of
conversations like this..

I had a cookie
ARE YOU JUST TRYING TO BE FAT?! Do you want to gain weight?
You eat too much! You pig..

I might as well die.

fuck everyone. god damnit. I'm trying so hard to not be
fat. Being bulimic doesn't help much. I hate the world. My
two best friends hate me. The one person that helped no
matter what is moving away. Could life get any worse? Yes.

It can. And it will. Because that's how things always
happen for Nikole..

I don't care anymore. I wonder if Brittany would care if I
died. Probably not. I've ruined her life enough.

I try so hard. I let everyone treat me like shit. I listen
to people call me fat and tell me I'll be abused when I get
older. fuck fuck fuck.

I want to die. Who do I call now?? Stephanie? Karen? You
know who I call? No one. Because that's who I have to rely
on now.

someone kill me

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