2001-09-13 02:36:36 (UTC)


Yes, I am gonna whine now. Why doesn't anyone understand
that I am irritable as hell? Yet, they still continue to
annoy me. On purpose. It's annoying as fuck. Mom tries to
set limits for me. Why? I will be free of her in 5
years...Why set rules for now that won't apply in 5 more
years? It's retarded.
Tim's mad at me now because he thinks I'm gonna tell him to
get over Shelly. Whateva. It's his prob now. Thomas is mad
at me because he thinks I told Tim that HE had started the
rumors. When in FACT! I only said he PROBABLY did. Cris and
Amy are mad @ me, I dunno why. David probably is, too. I'm
never gonna feel comfortable in the band, I can tell.
On a better note, Ayrton and I are back together...Not that
anyone cares. I'mma go now..