A sad story
2001-09-13 02:35:58 (UTC)

The Tragedy

The years went on, and everyone eventually knew the truth.
They were still confused about why my mother would do such
a thing to lie about that. My mother and father still did
not get along for anything. They were going to get a
divorce. It was planned and everything. My mother turned my
own sisters against me. She told them that our father did
not love them, but only me. They hated me, but not as much
as they did after this tragic event. It was around my
birthday, my father decided to give me a little birthday
party, before my actual birthday. We were outside, and I
was running around like a normal three year old would. My
mother came out and started telling me how stupid I was,
how spoiled I was, and just started putting me down. I had
enough when I ran. There was no exact place to go, so I
just ran. I wanted to get away from her, and all the
arguing. I hated it. They were fighting because of me, so I
just wanted to leave. My father ran after me. I started
running to the street and did not bother to look for cars.
I just knew that my father was getting closer to me, and I
just wanted to get away. I didn't see the truck coming, I
really didn't. He ran and pushed me away, but did not have
enough time to save himself. The truck was going really
fast. I turned to see what had happened, and I saw him
laying there. He wasn't moving, and no one was helping him.
My mother was saying that was what he deserved. Then she
started pointing the finger at me.