A sad story
2001-09-13 02:25:50 (UTC)

The Lies

My mother would always tell lies about me. She told all her
relatives and friends that she had a miscarriage. She would
never go into public with me. The world around did not know
I existed. People were always feeling pitty for my father,
because he would buy the baby supplies, but everyone
thought I was not alive. My father did not know what was
going on, and when he did, he took me out for the first
time. Everyone was confused. They didn't know what to
believe. Was this really their baby, or did they get it
from somewhere else? The truth slowly started coming out.
Everyday, my mother would grow more upset. Living at home
was getting worse for my sisters. They didn't know whose
side to go on. But they soon figured out which side they
were on.