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2001-09-13 02:23:13 (UTC)

A refreshing evening

Yesterday after my crosscountry practice i stayed after to
lift weights.when i was done and everyone was gone me and
"joe" picked up everything and went downstairs.We sat under
the stadium for about 45 min just talking about anything and
everything.It was awesome.We hardly ever get to talk like
that anymore not like we used to. We just talked but it
means so much when you dont have that priveledge of just
sitting down and having a serious conversation with each
other without other people there to butt in or be like
"coach i need this" or "coach i need that" its really hard
to find time together when your not supposed to see each
other besides at practices or team meetings and when he
could get fired for it.It meant alot to me it was just very
refreshing to be able to talk to him again like that.He has
had some hard times lately and its been tough cause i cant
really be there all the time to console him or just be there
to talk about it.thats what my last poem was about.He has
had trouble with his knee and the doctor told him not to
ever run EVER again.It might not seem like its that bad but
to a runner thats like someone telling you to go on living
without breathing or to just commit suicide on the
spot.Especially if you have plans to train for the olympics
like he has been thinking about.Now everything he ever
wanted is gone.That is if he decides to listen to the doctor
if he doesnt the doctor says that in 2 years his knee wont
be worth anything and he might have to use a cane for most
of the rest of his life.i pray it will be ok.id do anything
to make it better but there isnt much i can do.Just pray and wait.

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