Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-09-13 02:22:33 (UTC)

Old Glory still flies...

The past 3 or 4 days have been absolutely beautiful. Sun
shining, breeze blowing, not too hot, not too cold... just
right. It’s kind of sad tho, looking outside at God’s
beautiful creation.. how peaceful and calm it seems.. then
thinking about the events taking place in other parts of
the country today like NYC and Washington. It’s not fair.
Those people should be sittin outside, enjoying this
beautiful day that the Lord has given us.. instead of
sittin at home glued to the TV wondering what tragedy will
occur next, or walking around the streets of downtown NYC,
showing pictures of their loved ones to anyone they can..
hoping that they have maybe seen them.. or heard from
them... hoping that they’re alive.
It’s just not fair.

Day 2.. and the pictures are still as horrible as they were
when I first saw them.

I was flippin back and forth between news stations today..
and I came across GAC. Garth Brook’s video for “The Change”
was on. Now, I’ve seen this once before.. obviously when
the OKC bombing first happened... and it was sad.. but
seeing it for the second time, it was heart-wrenching. I
really think that working at the day care has changed me so
much. Those kids.. gah.. those kids. I couldn’t imagine how
I would react if something were to happen to those kids..
MY kids! Watching the video.. showing footage of the
rescue efforts of the OKC bombing... pictures of rescue
workers pulling pasifiers out of the rubble... pictures of
little kids coloring pages.. covered with dirt and
debris... pictures of a demolished building with the
words "God Bless the children and the Innocent"
spray-painted on the side...pictures of grown men, some of
the bravest men in our country.. breaking down into
tears... sitting down on a large piece of debris.. to rest
because it’s such a physically and emotionally draining
situation... and who could forget.. that image of the
flag... the symbol of everything that this country stands
for... flying there at the federal building... torn and
tattered... but still.. flying... proudly.

Today, the American Flag, just like the one at the OKC
federal building... still flies proudly in front of the
site of yesterdays attacks. America is not shaken.. no no.
Our country is not discouraged... we are only now, more
grateful, to be Americans.. and to have freedom.
Doesn’t Asama Bin Laden realize that in situations such as
these.. America’s spirit will not be brought down? Does he
not realize that we are now, united more than ever, as
Americans.. and ready to defend our country? Ready to do
whatever it takes.. to defend and protect the citizens of
the United States and the freedom that we have fought so
hard for? I don’t think he does... but he will... of
course, by then it will be too late. Nobody messes with the
United States of America and gets away with it. "Faceless
Coward". I like that description Mr. Bush:)

I’m extremely patriotic as most can tell... but aside from
that... I am a christian... and I believe God will help
us.. and hear our prayers. Like my preacher said tonight at
church, we must stand united as Americans... but most
importantly.. we must stand united.. in Christ.

God Bless America... please God, bless America.