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Emo Violence
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2001-09-13 02:06:58 (UTC)

Bring us your Tired

so this is the second time im writing this one, bein that
my mom picked up the phone and my entry was deleted when i
was signed off line, so anyway, earlier, i was thinking,
maybe im just paronoid about emily and shes not using me
and its just my imagination, well, i get home from my
fathers (after being disgusted with his tasteless comments
and jokes) that i arrive to her asking me a favor, which
was to babysit for her tommrow afternoon, suprise suprise.
ok well i guess im not paronoid, so yeah, thats it, im done
with that shit, in other news, i broke down for the frist
time in all of this chaos, tonight, we set out white
candles on our front step and i go upstairs to check my
mail, my mom's humming amazing grace, and i get an email
from rocky and he says him and his family is ok but the
wife of a friend of his is missing, all day ive heard about
friends of my mom who are gone, but i guess this just hit
me harder, then i got frustrated and angry, and of course
blew up at the most undeserving people. i apologize for
that. sara got weird on me today
when i asked her, her last name because she says andy
mistook her for me, and i wanted to ask someoen about it,
but whatver, it makes me sad that i talk to clint about
such personal things, it makes me feel like were becomming
closer freinds, thats no good, it wont end well, i
guarantee it. my throat and face hurts from crying, maybe
i am emo after all, haha (joke) i still have homework and
shit to do, im really messed up sometimes, i think i need
to start sleeping more and not talking to so many "friends"
not frieds .... Was (not was) ha. yeah. ok thats all.

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