pollen makes me sneeze
2001-09-13 02:03:10 (UTC)

bang bang

god. i just can't believe what happened yesterday. i woke
up thinking "dammit, parent teacher interviews are today,"
then i turn on the tivi and the first thing i see is a
plane being flown into a building. makes my problems seem
so diddly. then i thought "holy crap, doesn't marissa live
in new york?" i just sent her an e-mail.
those poor people. their poor families.
at school everyone was crowded into the language room
watching tivi. everytime that building collapsed, and i
must have seen it collapse a thousand times, i just felt
shocked. i was so, so angry when i saw in palastine even
the little children were celebrating. i remember at one
point carly pointing at them and yelling "you bastards!!"
and someone else, i can't remember who, said "this world
would be a lot better without arabs."
i must have laughed about twice during the whole day.
the first time was when we came back from school and ingrid
was flicking through the channels and they were all the
coverage of the bombings, then suddenley we got to sbs and
their were two chinese men in a spa bath.
the second time i laughed was when i was reading the paper
and i read that our dear prime minister had to "flee to the
australian embassy with his wife and sun". ha ha. that's
funny. why would they go after him anyway??
i'm not being very nice though. i guess there must be SOME
people who would be sorry if he died. he must have some
friends. i guess.
i just can't believe it though. i hope this doesn't trigger
off a war. even though i'm all the way down here in
melbourne, i hope. i hope, i hope, i hope......