my simple small world
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2003-01-20 02:28:07 (UTC)

And All The World Drops Dead

hey hey.
I just got back from hanging out with Alan...
I kinda "borrowed" some tags and put them on my jeep, so I
was actually driving my own vehicle tonite. (my mom didn't
find out though, so that was a big relief)
Tonite Alan and I hung out at the canal, it was bitterly
cold, but it was neat to listen to the geese in the
distance and observe the frozen parts of the water and
notice how much they looked like sea serpents.
I love being around Alan...
I'm gonna go see him again tonite once my mother comes home
and goes to sleep.That's quite risky, but ever since I've
been pregnant I've been a fairly good girl.I need my
adrenelene back.A good adrenelene rush to me is better then
any high you can get.
I really love Alan.....For awhile I thought I was
emotionally retarded, but I seroiusly love that boy.
I'm not going to tell him though.I like him being my best
frined, and I sux at the whole relationship thing.
Alan is perfect to me, and I've never seen perfection quite
like him....
This chick e-mailed me from responding to her diary.She
seems really cool.And just in case she reads this...'what's
up brittany?!'
I haven't eaten much today...(I used to be able to go days
without eating) But I'm going to get offline and force
myself to eat something healthy...Just for baby...