what happened?
2001-09-13 01:52:03 (UTC)

a day of mourning

I came into my calculus class when I heard the tragic news
it was 1200pm, I was one of the late ones to find out. It
didn't quite sink in yet, I was still in disbelief. My
friend did not tell me in great detail so I was unaware of
the attack, except perhaps thought that some bomb went
off. It was devastating when I found the truth, when lines
of students and professors waited for pay phones to be
available to reach their love ones perhaps in those areas.
I saw groups of people gathered and held hands and offered
prayers. I saw my whole university in a split of a second
became so united, so "as-one" that it finally hit me that
we've been "betrayed." Not so much betrayed as someone
working and helping these terriorist. I meant more like
humanity has betrayed itself. People against people, a
crime not only against the US, but the whole civilization
as a whole. But amidst those grieving moments, I saw how
beautiful people can be and that was the only comfort that
was offered to me. I saw that we were still capable of
love, still capable to think less separately. Of course,
it is contridicting itself since the US is more patriotic
at the time, but it's not so much as that. US is made up
of so much nation that it's the symbol of the world. A
world that offers freedom and a place of refuge, a world
that offered a roof when people in need had none to shelter
under. This nation just became so one, that it seemed as
though the whole world was on our side. It seemed as
though despite the evil the good part of the world was on
our side sympathizing and praying and mourning all at the
same moment. I have a friend from China, his father was on
one of the hijacked plane (Dulles to Los). It was so hard
for me to accept such a fate and I can't imagine what it is
like for him and his family. What is it like for them to
realize the fact that something like this can occur to a
country that was suppose to be so safe a country that was
suppose to bring their dear father home. It will never
mend itself I'm sure, but my prayers extends to its fullest
for his family, himself and of course to all the victims
and their families. I can only say that after a forest
fire, there's always new life growing. I'm sure the US and
the rest of the world will be able to slowly rise itself
and start anew. I know I'm not being political at all, but
I really just had to express my deepest concerns. I'm in
such dismay and disbelieft, a grief that grows within this
young heart of mine. A memory that will live in infamy, a
memory that will repeat itself over and over again to those
that have lost love ones and to the whole world that have
to witness the evil of mankind. I don't want to be selfish
either and say this is the most tragic events in history,
because I know there were ones far more worse then this.
But it's just scary to think that the 21st century people
can still not understand each other and live in colaborated
peace. I can't believe that as "matured human beings" we
can think of acts as these. I can not think of how the
older generations can pass on this dark gene of humanity to
the future of the world. I can only hope that it ends
here, and forever in all parts of the world. I can only
hope that we can find realization within ourselves and
within our human society to not do an act of crime against
humanity itself.

Solemnly writing,