2001-09-13 01:50:19 (UTC)

"Terrorist Attack in New York"

oh my goodness! did you hear about the terrorist attacks in
ny? that is so sad! it was only a couple a weeks ago that
popstar aaliyah died in a plane crash. but now thousands
are dead. well, here's how it went:

there were hijackers in major airplanes. 2 of them hit each
twin tower, while the other one hit the pentagon in ny.
these were all symbols of america. a few minutes later the
twin towers fell to the ground. they also hit the world
trade center *or was that the twin towers?*. then, the last
plane crashed in pittsburgh. the #1 suspect is osama bin
ladin *or something like that*, an afghanistan terrorist.
most of the people in afghanistan and pakistan hate america
because we help the jews, who took over their land.

what is this world coming to? then, today, 3 more buildings
fell due to the crashes. what is this world coming to?

well, my mom is on call. she's in the army reserves. so,
just in case something happens she'll be going to texas.
she won't be fighting in the war. she deals with all the
financial things.


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