Raven Barnhart
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2001-09-13 01:38:12 (UTC)

It's my birthday tomorrow

I can't wait until tomorrow because I will finally be 16
but I feel older then that because I have had to grow up
sooner than I was supposed to.
My cousin keeps calling me and I think that if she wasn't
here then I don't think that I would actually be considered
a teenager and play the role of one because I would be out
doing more mature things.
I do alot of things for her because I feel that my life
revolves around her now since my sister was killed and all.
If my life isn't about her then it is about the love of my
life Curtis.
I met him at the swimming pool where he works at. Actually my cousin
kinda got us on talking terms and I am very thankful for that
because I think that if my life was without Curtis then it would be
pretty boring and lonely. I am so happy when I am with him, When I am
at school I usually see him atleast twice a day but let me tell you
this my day literally sucks if I do not see him any day. The other
day I did not see him and I was so miserable. I didn't get to see him
because of the block schedualing that we have at our school which
sucks if you ask me; but any ways I am going to get some beauty sleep
so that I can see my baby tomorrow (he has a b-day present for me so
I have to sleep so I won't be tired at school cuz I will look like
shit at school.)

Bye see you later,
Raven Barnhart

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