Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-01-19 23:59:32 (UTC)


omg i feel like crap you dont even understand my haed
hurts so much and i cant get rid of my stomach ach. i have
wicked bad cramps. but i did go to Miss Sagon today it was
sucha good show i wish i could see it again. the hott
marines Chris, John, and Bandna Boy. lol if you cant tell i
really have a thing for marines (steve )! Me and Amber sat throught the whole show singing
and crying. o speaking of amber her and billy got back
together yet agian. i really dont understand it. They get
along much better when there freinds then
boyfriend/girlfriend. im wicked excited about winter
weekend. i hope Jon goes. i have made lik everyone beleive
that i dont like him any more but i really do and i dont
want to tell him because it will be wierd between us. i
duno. i have to call Lynn to talk to her. i love her so
much (my god-mother) she is such a sweetheart. i have to
call rita to make a hair appointment and call the nail
place to make one of those things too. im so happy that
tommorow is a holiday for i dont have to work and i can
sleep in. ok then there is amanda i jsut dont get her. she
is such a dork. scrunchies went out of style like eigth
years ago get over them and she sits there and flirts with
everyone. i honesty think she puts out other wise why would
so many people go out with her!? then there is jess who i
havent seen since like june i miss her she i like my best
friend. i feel so bad she got had to quit track beacuse she
grew to fast and her joints and messed. I remeber going
down to Margetsville with her and chillin for like twelve
hours straight talking about everything. i feel so
depressed right now i think i need to talk to someone but
no one is home or around to talk too. ok i duno what else
to say so tootles