hello kitty cat
2003-01-19 23:43:45 (UTC)

what the fuck is going on?

I'm still trying to figure out what has changed.....

Chelsea went back to DC today. We were supposed to meet her
friend (she let her friend Tara borrow her car) in North
Philly...for Chelsea could get back to DC by like
4---because she had to work at 5. It took Tara until 2:30
to show up....ehh I don't even want to get into all this.
It's not worth typing. It was just really shitty of her to
do that to Chelsea. But then a lot of people have been
shitty lately.

I did have a good weekend with her though, I miss having
her around. She's a great friend. I'm probably going to
stay with her for a while. Meet some of her friends and
what not....since Austin seems just a little further away
than it did last week......