Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-01-19 23:43:07 (UTC)

Good weekend with the 'rents

Had a great talk with my mom today, she told me if I wanted
to move to Vegas, she was NOT going to stand in my way. I
was so happy. Yeah!!!

She was a bit worried, but she knows how responsible I have
been and good, and the crap I've been through and she
thinks I can do it, and maybe after I finish school there,
I could move somewhere else... but who knows...

I really want to go, and if someone called me tomorrow with
a job in Vegas, would I go, hell yes!!!!!!!!

Plus, last night I was out at dinner w/ the parents and we
were hanging out, and the bartender kept flirting with me,
plus he told us he was was from Vegas and even the stuff he
was saying about hard Vegas can be hard, she still seemed
ok with me moving. Tomorrow, I am getting a job tomorrow,
two if at all possible, so I can move ASAP so I can start
school again as soon as I can.

OH well, wish me luck...


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