U think u know, but u have no Idea
2001-09-13 01:09:21 (UTC)

8th grade

8TH GRADE ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG my social life is booming,
I luv this year. I've gotten really close to megan, and we
are always together, she is suc ha a good friend, but
sometimes she makes me sad, becuz she the prettiest girl in
the WHOLE SCHOOL. but guess what, caitlin (other prettiest
girl) megan and I are ALLL going to
homecoming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this ROX, caitlin and I's
dates are sophmores, megas is a freshman (but he's
gorgeous!!) I am sooooo happy!!!! with everything. I luv my
life. My best friend shaina and I decided we needed a lil
makeover, not like looks but like life, and it's both
working out really well for both of us. my 14 b-day was
liek a week ago, I got like SOOOOOOOOOOOO many gifts and my
locker was totally decorated. I was considerign leaving
hawken, btu i luv it and my friends, it's like everyone
matured phisically and mentally. my guy friends are total
babes I can't help check them out all the time,lol and I
just feel really good with my self, adn I have a really
good feeling about this year. but on a more serious note,
I'm really sad about this whole attack thing on the US. my
uncle who is in the reserve has already been called.this is
really scary. but anyway I wanna send a prayer to all those
families who lost a loved one.
yours forever