Me Venting Out
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2001-09-13 00:52:43 (UTC)

September 12th 2001 @ 8:39PM

Hmm well today school was cancelled because of this whole
thing going on. So I came home with the intention of going
back to sleep and I just couldn't do it, so I went running
and then I cleaned my room. Well eventually I talked to
Breon and he wanted to do something. So he came and got me,
we went to his house, I slept and he played some nerd game
(jk)...and then later on we went down to UMBC so Breon
could get some papers. We saw Jeff Novotny and Laura
Isenburg...she withdrew from UMBC today. Anyways, after
Breon got his papers, I called Stone and we went to his
dorm. His dorm was pretty big. We just hung out there for
awhile, listening to music and them trying to look up porn!
Well Breon took it upon himself to announce that I like it
up the butt...I really don't though and I'll never let
anything go in my ass. This may sound dumb, but I was glad
that me and Breon were actually doing something that our
relationship use to be like. We really didn't talk the
whole day and it was kinda awkward, but that was my fault
cuz I was in my thinking mood and that always sucks. Well
we left UMBC and Breon brought me home. I was still caught
up in my thinking so I went running, took a bath and did
some of my homework to try to not think about all that is
going on with me. I then had a long talk with my brother
which was awesome. He understood what I felt and he then
talked to my mom about what was going on with me and simply
told her "Jamie likes _______", she knew it was bound to
come again if it even ever went away. Well then my sister wanted to
know what was going on, and being Jessica, the first thing she
thought was that I was pregnant, and then she thought my mom was
pregnant...both assumptions were way off! Well I have been
thinking alot today and for the past few weeks, and I had
no idea what I wanted to do, I only knew how I felt. Well
there are still some issues at hand, but I am ready to be a
gambler, if I can be. I don't want to mess anything up that
is already going on if it's meant to stay. Well at least
one good thing came out of today...I know what I want for
once, even if it means a couple and not item. Well I guess
that's all I have to say for today, I'll keep ya updated!