What's inside Maddie's head
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2001-09-13 00:47:58 (UTC)

The second day...`

Not much news about the NYC incident today. I learned more
about it, though. Tomorrow the band has to play at our
football game against Hutch. I don't wanna go, but I hafta.
Band kinda sux this year. It was a lot more fun last year.
I just found out today that I am possibly the shortest 9th
grader at my school, or at least in show choir. Even all
the 8th graders in show choir are taller than me. Yesterday
in geometry we had to have our protracters but I couldn't
find mine so Mrs. Shroeder (or however the heck u spell her
name) gave me detention cause she gives everyone detention
for the dumbest things, then when the bell rang to go to my
next class, I found my protractor in the zipper pouch in my
binder! I was soooo pissed. I have never gotten detention
before. My little brother is watching these gay Pokemon
videos. Hm, nothing else to write today.

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