Finding my Light
2001-09-13 00:46:08 (UTC)

No Defence

Well first I would like to say thanks to all who wrote
to me here. I know you all still morn for the people who
died. I still do...
Well now I must jump to a very different subject.
Something I must get off my mind soon. Today after I came
home from school I did my homework then plopped on the
couch to watch TV for half an hour. My sister after
playing on th ecomputer comes in ten minutes later and asks
to change the channel. I, of course, said no because I was
only going to be watching TV for half an hour and she
hadn't done her homework yet.
My sister then starts yelling at me to change it and I
quietly said no still. After about five minutes of that
she finally got up and told our mom that I wouldn't change
the channel. I personally thought mom woulnd't do anything
because it was stupid that my sister was trying to fight
with me just because I woulnd't let her watch what she
wanted for, at the time, less then twenty minutes.
She then comes out with mom and our mom tells me to
change the channel because what my sister wanted to watch
was only on once a day and what I was watching came on
later in the day. I then told her that I was going to miss
that show and that was why I was watching it then and not
later. She then still took my sister's side and told me to
change it.
Now what's the perpose of me telling this? Well this
is like the hundreth time she has taken my sister's said
against me. Not, I'm not joking. My sister has slapped,
punched, kicked, pushed, hit, and verbally abused me with
very little punishment. The one time I actually defended
myself I got a huge lecture!
To let you know when ever my sister hit me it never
caused any real damage. The last time she punched me she
didn't even leave a bruise and when I hit her back I felt a
HUGE bruise on her arm, but my point is that I've rarely
verbally abuse my sister let alone ever hit and yet she is
constantly doing things to me without any real punishment.
One thing I should add is that I've stopped telling my
mom when she hurts me mainly because I no longer see a
point to it. The punishment my sister gets is nearly as
much as I get and so I just decided not to tell her. If I
can't get my mom to see how violent my sister can reaaly be
then I might as well make her look better then she really
is. Maybe one day God will repay for my acts of kindness
towards my sister?