Nowhere man please listen. . . .
2003-01-19 23:00:31 (UTC)

January 19, 2003

My weekends are always so uneventful.

I really (and i do mean REALLY) need to get a life.
People always ask me wat i do on my weekends. I like to
sum it up with one word-


Sleep, eat, sleep, talk on phone, sleep, go on the
computer, sleep, see anna, sleep, eat, sleep. Thats it.
Thats my weekend right there!

I need a job, i think that'll keep me busy on the
weekends. But i'm SO lazy! But it's the fact that I
really need money. Spring is a' comin and i need NEW

I went to the mall today with anna. And i need to go
shopping fer clothes fer the warmer weather. Ok, thats
not really wat i wanted to talk about. The thing that
depresses me when i go to the mall is all those couples!

It's just so depressing. Me n anna were in the jewlery
store and i saw these clatter rings- they were so nice.
They were silver and omg, i loved them. I wanted to get
one, but i thought about it and that is like one of those
things a guy buys fer you. If i had bought it fer myself-
i would have only depressed myself further.

I'm not one of those girls were $=love. I'm a beatles
fan remember? Money can't buy me love. :) i think it
was just the fact that clatter rings= relationships.

I don't just want the whole thing of having a boyfriend
just to have a boyfriend. I just want somebody to fer
once- love me as much as I love them.

It's not just my fuckin hormones!

arg- i'm just so lonely and it sux so much. But i'm
not just saying- AH any ol' person come along and say yer
in love with me! I want it to be real. I'm just so
lonely all the time- and it's so depressing. It's scary
cuz sumtimes I'll be surrounded by people or in a house
full of people and i'll feel more alone than ever. It
hurts. I just need someone to understand me and be there
for me- no matter WHAT, and all that other bullshit that
goes along with being in love.

I just want to love
and be loved in return

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