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2001-09-13 00:22:18 (UTC)


ok i am kinda mad that kim didn't tell me she was goin to
move at next semester but i am waiting for her to tell me,
she makes me mad cuz i mean i am her "best friend" like she
says and if we were then she would tell me right? well
jacob and david understand, this year me and david have
been really good friends i like him a lot! hes awesome to
hang around, well anyways me and jason are great! we are
havin fun! we've both been doin sports and he scored the
first and only touchdown for the team and even though they
lost he looked awesome in the tight pants! yeah and i
screwed up my knee majorly! i have a biology test tomorrow
that i need to study for~ ahh~! iam failing bio right now..
i am goin to see if my mom will take me out of pre ap and
put me in adv. well anywho i better get to studyin so i
have some chance of passing the class.. well talk to you
laterz for now.. lovins

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