2001-09-13 00:06:32 (UTC)

Twin Tower Tragedy

It was 9:55 when I walked into my RLC class on September
11, 2001. As I walk in, I hear the reactions to the
television, which was on for some odd reason. After putting
my bag down I look up. The World Trade Center is on fire.
According to the other students, a plane crashed into it.
My first thought is " my dad works in the world trade
center. OH MY GOD!" But I say wait it is only burning at
the top. He works on the twenty something-th floor, he
should be fine. He'll have plenty of time to get out. Then
the scariest sight I have yet to see occurs. The entire
building collapes. My heart tumbles into despair. My father
could be dead right now. Or he could be in his office in
Jersey. Or he could be golfing. Or he could be home sick,
just like when the World Trade Center bombing happened a
few years ago. Anything is possible. There were too many
possibilities and too much of a chance that my father could
have been in the building when it collapsed. He might not
have made it out in time. He could be stuck under the debre
surrounding the building. He could be wondering the streets
with amnesia. What the hell is going on around here? The is
absolute anarchy!