2001-09-13 00:06:28 (UTC)

i'm booooooooored .......

I'm running out of things to do. that's a first. playing
with photoshop comes to mind, but that would require me to
actually look at the screen. i'm just kinda laying on my
desk as i type this.

i guess keyboarding came in handy for something after all.

something weird's going on around my house today. i don't
know why, or what it is, but theres just ... something. my
mom put an american flag outside this morning, and
somethings just ... odd about it. maybe it's just because
we haven't had a flag out there before, but still ... i
dunno. guess i'm just getting paranoid again.

i have a tendancy to do that once in a while.

*sigh* you know, i think i've reached the peak of laziness
right now. i still can't think of something to do, and no,
i'm still not looking at the screen as i type. hope i'm
doing a decent job.

oh yeah, i've realized today that i've officially been
corrupted by auto-shop too. took it, like last year, and
the habits are just now starting to kick in.
for instance: facker. yes i spelled that right, i typed
slowly. don't ask me where they came up with it, (hell if
i know) but they said it all the time. examples of it's
use: 'pot-head facker'; 'you facker' etc ...

i've broken the streak-(i'm looking at the screen now and
i'm typing worse than when i wasn't) maybe next one i'll do
w/o looking at all.

i just realized, i have no point to this entry. *shrugs*
oh well, i never make sense anyway.

*jumps to yet another subject*
i'm thinking of putting up my tarot readings that i give
myself. KEYWORD: thinking. plz don't msg me to give out
readings- i'm decent, but i doubt i can do them online.
i'm more of a face to face ... type. it's kinda hard to
of course i can never explain things well anyway.

totally irrelevant statement: my aura hasn't been raped
oh wait, yes it was. nevermind.

*continues rambling about nothing*

next play*s* for the theater guild is going to start trying
out i think next week. we're doing 2 and i have no bloody
clue what they're called. i think i just don't care. tech
has already started over the weekends- but of course i
wasn't aware of that otherwise i'd have gone to them. last
weekend i was busy anyway. ugh, wait, they were probably
cleaning out the dressing rooms .. *shudders*
you have no idea how freightened i am of guy's lead.
(unless you're part of the LCTG)
girls non i can handle (to a point) but ...
*shudder*twitch* nevermind. NEW SUBJECT!!

i think i'm going to make some SIMS objects now. i just
remembered i wanted to make LFM cages for Liza's lab. (only
ask if you want to know)

^.^ X