The void
2003-01-19 21:04:13 (UTC)


i had a really lonely day today. just sat in my room
reading wicca books.i just needed to be with someone and
there was no one there.everyone was at work or i
locked the cat in my room with me untill she started to
make a real bad fuss coz she needed the loo.
just watched only fools and horses. sooo funny.
there are alot of things on tv to watch tonight! (that's a
first!) shame they are all on at around the same time
*the craft
*The haunting
*Heavenly Creatures
god damn it i can't watch them all.
i figured out my Magickal name today and the numbers to go
with's Ayngel (prounnounced Angel)the numbers that
correspond to the letters in the name have to add up to the
same as my birth number.probabley means nothing to anyone
that's reading this but for me..yay!
i think me and my boyfriend finally worked things out.
well, it doesn't seem to be awkward or anything now.i still
feel rotten though.
i have to be in college at 9:00am tomorrow!for IT key
skills and if i didn't have that i wouldn't have to go in
untill 3:35pm!i have a FIVE HOUR BREAK! so me and my friend
sazene are going to Bromley for a little shopping spree
untill last lesson.pity i have no money huh?i may buy that
black jacet with the gay pride rainbow on it...hmm...yeah i
will.just need to scrape together enough moeny first.
saw my rabbit for the first time in about three weeks
today, supprised he's still alive actually.big fat rugby
ball shaped thing he cute though, must start paying
him some attention and remembering he actually exisits.
well am going now. things to watch food to eat.