Padded Room Memoirs
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2001-09-12 23:45:37 (UTC)


How could this happen!! And how can some people sit out
there and place blame on their fellow Americans!?! I have
heard, from chatters, blame placed on everyone from the
airline officials to the president! There have been many
calls to heighten airport security, but we as Americans cry
because of the inconvience! INCONVIENCE!!!!! Now, I hope we
will think twice about what real inconvience is.
Aside from the anger and rage that I am feeling, I feel
sad, heavyhearted and scared. Sad and heavyhearted for
those families that have lost and for those that still
don't know. While I do not attend a church of any
denomination, I do believe in GOD. I have faith that HE
will take care of us his children. I pray for those
families that are feeling the hardest force of this great
tragedy. And I pray for all of those police officers and
firefighters that have already lost their lives and for
those whose lives are still on the line. I can not imagine
what type of sights those workers are seeing! I take my hat
off to all of those steel workers and other "average"
citizens who are anything but AVERAGE! And those 3 or 4
brave men on that flight who knew that they were going to
die, and fought their attackers. How many more lives did
they save? What can we do to honor them?
Finally, I am scared. I am a 23 year old woman who has
never had a reason to fear too much of anything. Now in the
wake of this horrendous act against freedom, I feel
terrified! Not for my life in particular but for my friends
in the military that may have the battle of their lives on
their hands. I'm scared for all of us Americans who have
never faced a war on American soil (Will it come to that?)
I fear that the pending retaliation of our armed forces
will bring further attacks home. Where will they strike
next... and how? Will this lead to an actual battle not in
the jungles, swamps, or deserts of some foreign country but
in our own carefully manicured back yards?
But, I can't help but feel a sense of pride. In the wake
of so many businesses being closed, I have not heard one
instance of looting or rioting. I know that sounds
outrageous, but we have been known to take terrible
advantage of these type of situations. As I sit glued to
the television, I see People from every walk of live
standing united. It is an AMAZING sight!
I feel that I could write forever tonight... but I fear
that I will just go on babbling. I plan on making this a
healthy habit. I look forward to sharing my life with you
all as you share yours with me.