Anything But Ordinary
2003-01-19 20:43:52 (UTC)

Merdadith & church buddies

So last night I went with Meredith to see Catch Me If You
Can. It was pretty good...but my mom made it sound like it
was better than it was. She said it was 100 times better
than Gangs of New York...and I thought Gangs of New York
was good beyond beleif. So to have anything better than
that must be pretty darn good! But anyway, I liked Gangs
of NY better. Still, it was a good movie.

And it snowed a lot...bleh....

So I'm way excited about church today. I came there
thinking that I would meet Erica, but she said she wasn't
sure if she was coming because she might go skiing. Well,
she didn't come, but I got to see Angela and sit next to
her. I hadn't seen her since before break, so it was fun.
I like her a lot. And Pastor Barry is really a quirky
riot. I enjoy him. But anyway, Jason Sroufe got a hold of
me and asked if I got the email for YC 101. I did, but I
really didn't want to mention anything to him about it. I
know that's kind of rude of me :-/ I just figured I didn't
need to go that much. I feel I know a lot of the stuff
already. He said it was a lot about evangelism and prayer
etc. and small groups, and he'd be able to set me up with
one. I failed to tell him that I'm already on the worship
team, so I don't need to know about small groups...but
whatever, it'll be good for me, I'm sure. And I know I'd
like to hear a bit about evangelism...

So I saw old roomie Ericka afterwards and we set up a time
to have lunch. I feel selfish that I asked to meet at the
down under...I know that I only want it becuase I get 50%
off. Ericka doesn't have much money, and down under can be
expensive...but then again she's eating for 2, so the money
would be worth it!!!!

And I saw Adam Agosta!! ;) ;) I really haven't been able
to talk to him at all this semester, but I'm sure we'll
have an opportunity to eventually. I'd rather have him
approach me though. But the thing is, he and I are so
incredibly alike that he might think the same thing...oh
well, all in God's time. And I just found out that he's
unsure of his major, but he's swinging between music ed,
sec ed, or social work. That's like me...exactly
me....SOOO weird. I really hope he does decide social work
just because he's a guy, and it's nice to see guys in that
field. I wouldn't have any classes with him becuase I'm
so far ahead....so yeah....but it would still be cool.

I gotta work on my ENG 201 memorandum....nice I don't know
what I'm even doing my paper on....


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