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2003-01-19 20:42:43 (UTC)

My Saturday, January 18, 2003

I finally realized that winterformal is in just two weeks,
and decided that I had better get on the ball with the
whole dress situation. or lack thereof. heh. okay so, Jen
and I decided that we would go to South Coast Plaza,
because they have the Jessica Mclintock store there and all
that jazz. she picked me up at 3:00 and we started on our
way up to Costa Mesa. On the way up there, we were joking
about the last time we tried to find South Coast Plaza, and
how we missed the Exit, and ended up in Hunnington Beach,
in the Ghett-O. we were like, "yeah haha good thing we know
how to get there this time!" Well. unbeknownst to us, the
freeway decided that it was going to move, and didnt tell
us. This, time, we ended up at Disneyland. WOOPS!
HAHAHAHAHA I swear, we cannot go ANYWHERE without getting
lost. Yeah. so we didnt know that you have to take the 5 to
the 405, and we just stayed on the damn 5 freeway and
ended up on the freakin 22, and got off at THAT Bristol
exit. Too bad that one is like 20 miles too far north! So
we called my dad, and tried to find the 22, to retrace our
steps. well, we did that just fine. so then we were
supposed to find the 405 North. WELL, we saw the sign for
the 405 south, and we didnt want to get on that one becuase
it would be the wrong way, so, instead, we took the other
side, and low and behold, we were at the Baggage Claim at
the John Wayne airport! We were like, cool cool. so we
finally found our way out of that miniature labirynthe, and
got on CORRECT 405 freeway, and finally found the damn
place, at 4:30, almost an hour LONGER than it should have
taken. So lets recap: we WANTED to go to South Coast Plaza,
But we just hit disneyland and the Orange County airport on
the way. hahaha. man oh man.
So I found the perfect dress. I went to buy it. whipped out
my dad's credit card (dont worry Im paying him back), and
the stupid sales lady was like, "oh sorry pal. we cant take
it, becuase he is not here in person." well poo in a jar,
why dontcha. so then Im like, "well, can ya hold it for
me?" and they said, "we cant hold over night." so I got the
phone number for the store, and the style number of the
dress and everything, and I called them this morning and
they said that they'd hold it for me. So then, I get to my
mom's, and she's not here, and not gonna be here, until it
is too late to go and get my dress. wonderful. I guess Ill
have to kiss that one goodbye.

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