Electric monkey
2001-09-12 23:45:25 (UTC)

9-12-01 ["dont go hide in, hide in, in the shaaaddeee"]

im sitting here. jessica came over after school and we
discussed what song we would like to cover in our
little "band". so we had a lot of ideas, but we looked up
the tabs and, unfortunatly [haha] they arnt as easy as we
had thought. which means more and more practice. ill
probably ask graham for help. [yep, thats right graham =)]
if he wouldnt mind, i know he probably more then likely
wouldnt mind. hehehhe [*crosses fingers in hope, cause
much help is needed at this point, on what, i dont know.]
but anyway. hehehe... =P now that ive volunteered graham
for a job he doesnt know about yet...
i got an awesome drum lesson from ben today at lunch. it
was great. so now i can play* the drums. [really!] [haha.]
so now i can 'play*' guitar, bass, harmonica, vioin and
*when i say play.. i mean... hrm... yeah..
lallala.... *looks around*
jessica and i want to play so many different songs... we
have to find the easiest one out of our list.. hehehe..
yep. that song is TBA.
in stained glass we actually learned about actual stained
glass. so now we get to start on a little beginner
project. now that im almost done with my mosaic! finally.
not quite though.. have to make it shiney and pretty now.
if im done grouting.. i hope i dont have to re-grout again.
that kinda sucked, but i think i did it better this time,
although i ran out of class time today, oops. although ppl
offered to help me, which was more then nice. [jake =)]
everyone at school was extra nice today for some reason. or
i thought so.. ppl were going out of their way to talk to
me and such. i bet it was the pink shirt i wore today.
haha, jk... maybe ppl are attracted to pink. lol..
well im gunna get going for now, talk to you all later.