People are evil WHy?
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2003-01-19 20:22:32 (UTC)

getting my groove on and overprotected

I take a dance class at my high school and it is prettty
easy, but we have a dance final coming up and we have to
create a dance and do it for the class. I have four people
in my group and we got our dance done but it is kinda
stupid. But we only have till thursday, so i guess I'll
have to live with it. Our music is Bob Fossy and we are
using umbrellas as props. That was my idea, but I realized
that was kind of a dumb idea, accualy come to think if it,
it is a pretty good dance.

I am at my friends house and I am really bored. The last
time I was over here we were chating online and her dad
read our conversation and said we couldn't chat anymore.
And guess why, Because the guy we were talking to said fuck
once and only once! Her dad is so over protective! He is so
anal. She is like protected fr like every bad thing in the
world! I can't talk to her about anything, because she
doesn't know what the hell I am talking about. Like we were
on the internet one day and this instant message popped up
on the screen and said you wanna cyber? And she's like what
does that mean? I had to explain it to her. That took
forever and another one popped up and said you wanna see my
web cam and I'm like no. SHe siad, why? And I'm like
because I know whats gonna be on there and she didn't get
the hint. I don't think she has ever seen one or even know
what regular teens call them. I don't want to be the one
that tells her all this stuff,but yah.

so anyways I am really bored. Oh yah and she has a broken
leg so she can hardly do anything, but sit on the computer
and the couch. So all I have done all weekend is play with
her wheelchair and watch movies!!AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Well I
have to go be bored Some more. Bye