Pandora's Book
2001-09-12 23:35:42 (UTC)

6:15 am

Sep 12, 2001

Im feeling stressed. I have a WI essay due which I have
barely started, and a bio test tomorrow. Oh yeah, and lots
of calc. hw that I dont understand! arg.

I went to the Lotus house for lunch today with Curt, Ned,
Jenn, Sara and Julia. I had french fries... Im not really
into chinese food. Tomorrow I think Ill go to Pizza Hut.

I hate mornings.I have to get up at 6:15 to catch my bus at
7. Thankfully I dont have to walk to the bus stop! It takes
15 min.

I was watching Dr. Phil on Oprah. He got people to look into
a mirror and say what they saw. Then they had to look into
their inner mirror and do the same.

"I see an ugly girl with big hips a big nose and thick
eyebrows. I see a girl whose pants dont fit properly, who
has a long neck, whose hair is messy."

"I see a girl who cares what people think, even if she wont
admit it. I see a girl who wants to be liked. I see a girl
who doesnt think she is liked. I see a girl with lots of
good friends. She is a lying bitch. She wants to be smart.
She tries so hard and always fails. She cries so much over
nothing at all. She is compassionate and caring. She will
do anything to help anybody out. She has strong morals. She
is shy and quiet. She is a dreamer."

Seems like bull shit, but its what Im feeling right now.
Tune in next time so see what my other personality thinks.