sex kitten

life of a porn star
2003-01-19 17:50:29 (UTC)

ups and downs

hmm well im kinda sad bt excited at the same time...last
night i went to spot with emily and we met jessi, seth and
dan. it was kinda fun... they are all so crazy...and it
was snowing so hard and i had to drive home at like 2 in
the morning and the streets in downtown buffalo are never
plowed...oh while im sitting there at the coffee
place emily tells me that greg is watching a movie with
cole i was really pissed bc i just had sex
with him like 5 days ago and he is already hanging out
with this girl that i know he has wanted for a really long i had a really mean away message up last night
and i dont think he saw it. so finally i come to the
realization that i am in love with him and i am so excited
that i care about him as much as he made me believe he
cared about me for so long and i get screwed over..i am
done with him forever...then i slept at maggies house and
when i woke up this morning she went online and brian was she starts talking to him like its me and i was so
excited bc i havent talked to him in 20 days LOL so yeah
im so exited for school to start.. i really hope that we
are still friends this semester. i love his personality so
much. ok time to do something else now, leave me a message