Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-09-12 22:56:25 (UTC)


So, the fair is really going to suck this year. It's one
of the events my EMS Explorer Post does; we help with first
aid and security. We had our orientation last night, which
took forever, and the fair starts on Thursday. I'm signed
up to work a bunch of hours. It's going to be really hard
this year, because so many of our people are new, and alot
of them know pretty much nothing... as in most of them
aren't even certified in CPR. It's not their fault; I know
they're just starting off and all, but it'll be really
difficult with so few people who really know what they are
doing. Like, I've been certified in CPR at least three
times in the past year, I'm a registered First Responder,
and trained as an EMT-Basic. At any rate, it should be
interesting. We've got some really smart kids. Like the
girl who wandered off last night after the meeting at the
fairgrounds, in the dark, so we had to spend about 45
minutes looking for her... we were beginning to think the
carnies had kidnapped her... Oh well, I'd better go study
radio codes, since I'm going to be expected to know what's
going on!