Bipolar - Fucked up
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2001-09-12 22:53:15 (UTC)

alone, death, and fights

well alots been goin on lately. my real mom doesnt want to
meet me, my friend just died from a heroin overdose, and
ive been fighting with everyone in my house. i just cant
take all this stress anymore. i feel like im carrying the
weight of the world on my shoulders and i just cant take
it, it makes me feel like im gonna crack, and my sister and
her fiance put so much pressure on me to do the right
thing, but what are they doing...theyre running around
sniffing coke and shooting heroin, and theyre telling me to
behave and do the right thing. who the hell are they to
speak about shit. i dunno this thing with my ex-bf my
friend dieing has really fucked things up for me, i dont
know how im ever gonna get over this. i dont think i will.

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