Ode to a psycho!HA!
2003-01-19 17:21:35 (UTC)

Christian Rock Band...

I went to see a band with Elyse last night. I didn't know who
they were she didn't either, but a friend of hers asked if
she wanted to come, so she asked me. We were there a long
time before I leaned over to her and go is this a Christian
Rock band, because that sure is what it sounds like to me?
and she goes Oh my god I think it is. We stayed to be polite,
but man did we feel weird! Me in particular, but it was
actually pretty fun until the end when they started praying
and thanking Jesus. I just sat there politely and thought
this won't be so bad, just ignor the word jesus. And
deliberately because I thought that the girl leading prayer
said jesus like 9 times! whew buddy was I glad to get out of
there, even though they were a good band. Man...