Mah LyFe...
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2003-01-19 17:10:22 (UTC)

Baby Shower...

Yesterday was my sisters baby was really fun cuz
my family was there and so on.I got to drink a lil something
and me and my sister,her bf,her bestfriend, and mah cousin
chilled and all cousins homeboyz came to
chill for a while and i didnt want to go over where they
were chillin...cuz there was one guy i used to like and i
kind of still like a lil...but he acted like he never talked
to me before..that is so dirrty yo....but its good cuz i
like this other boy...Newayz..that kid had some big ears
yo...bigger than a pair of elephant ears yo..they r that
big!...they so000o0o0o0 big yo!..and he looks like a mexican
half perubian..nutin against dem..but he ugly..he butt ass
ugly...shyt!...thats what he look like...he look like
shyt!...that big eared crooked teeth can he
get girls newayz..imma go...bye...peace!....1