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2003-01-19 16:16:48 (UTC)

January 18th 2003---Lonely day with lots of hope

Today was a loney day I supose. I am going to just go
ahead and be blunt about whats going on my life right
now...See, my husband left to go back offshore last Monday
morning, and Ive been trying to catch this diary up with
what I've already wrote several days ago, but I realize I
need to just start fresh again, for today, and tell whats
been going on the last couple of days, because otherwise I
will never get caught

We'll, I need everyone to come together and pray for me and
this other woman, her name is Joan E. Woods. We are fixing
to be business partners together. We have no money
whatsoever as of right now, but God is fixing to open some
doors and change all that though. See, we went and found us
a building , a big one, brick, and right straight in the
middle of town, on the main road, needless to say, we are
going to have to pay more on this property just for the
sake of the location. But heres the deal though: We are
fixing to open us up a center, its going to be
called, "God's Outreach Hope Center". Because , this
building is going to be God's building. Now, what we are
going to be doing is not charging a penny to homeless
people, drug addicts, unwed pregnant women, who come
there. Its going to be about like a rehab, but only
different. We are going to ministering the word of God to
these people there that come. They are going to be fed,
clothed, and given hope, and a place to sleep...We are also
going to be letting their children in with them if they
have any. Now, they are going to have to abide by our
rules of course if they wont to stay there, which is
getting into the Word of God, and learning responsibility,
we arent going to be reading out of a AA book or a NA book,
but out of the Word of God, the Bible. Its going to be a
30 day program and up to 6 months...depending on their
situation when they come in. But if we let them in there,
they have to stay at least 30 days, and we are going to
have us a kitchen in there, and we are going to cook, clean
there, not have individual meals brought to us from
anywhere. We are going to cook ourselves, this place is
going to be just like a real house, with a dining room,
kitchen, living room, bedrooms, with bunkbeds and toddler
beds. We gonna have everything we need there. We are
going to do random drug tests, and while the girls are
there, they cannot drink any alcohol, no smoking at all,
and no doing drugs. We are going to be there to love on
them, but yet, we are also going to teach them the word of
God while they are there. This place is going to be
wonderful! And we are not going to charge these girls a
penny for coming, however, we are going to be asking for
donations from around the world, which can be in either
money form, or anything on the list that I am going to
write up, tomarrow. God is already opening some doors and
has given us a $10,000 grant for this building, but the
thing is, we have to have $31,000 down on the building
before we can get it. The whole buiding itself cost
$531,000. I know what your thinking, thats a lot of money,
and yes, it sure is, but God is more powerful than
anything, he can do anything, all things are possible
through the Lord, we have had this in our hearts now for
the past 5 yrs. now, and now it is fixing to come to pass.
So, what I am asking from everyone or anyone who reads this
diary is to please consider donating to us because everyone
is going to have to help us to get fulfill the plan of God
in this dream.. We have the desire, but we have also got to
have help. Please help us, and if you would like to donate
to us, please send all your donations to:

Rev. Myrtis Virginia Doucet
P.O. Box 11633
Alexandria, Louisiana 71315

318-619-1142 is my no#, ask for Rev. Myrtis if my husband
happens to answer...or you may ask for Ginger, cause that
is my nick name as husband's name is
Stephen. He is not going to be doing this with us, this is
just me and Joan, because he is calling us to do this for
sure, we have already had confirmation about this...We need
your help so please pray right now and ask God what he
would have you to give to this ministry. Make all checks
or money orders to :
Rev. Myrtis Virginia Doucet & Joan E. Woods
P.O. Box 11633
Alexandria, Louisiana 71315

[email protected] is my email address, please write us
and let me know. If you do not feel comfortable about
making your check or money order out to us, then you may
PO BOX 11633
318-619-1142 is my no# and 318-445-4599 is Joans' no#.
Look, we thankyou for all your support and prayers. We are
also going to ask that you please do not use Pay Pal for
this because they get a percentage of what you we
are asking if you please would just send the money or
donations directly to us by the mail. Thankyou sooo much
and God Bless you all!

Thankyou and Praise the Lord! Amen and Amen!

Rev. Myrtis V. Doucet