2001-09-12 22:36:14 (UTC)



The internet is out, so I decided to write in Microsoft
Works and then just copy and paste this into here,
my diary, when I can. Today was a pretty average day. AKA:
pretty boring.

Today I saw that random Dave kid who is friends with Mike
and Anotonio and at first I didn’t think he
saw me but then he said hi. Me, being the nice person that
I am, said hi back even though he is a pretty
weird child. LOL- but o well. I got home and got onto the
internet (when it was working) and toe
(aka: antonio, hot guy, mexican- ya kno) started talking to
me. He said that Dave came into 1st hour and
was like “oh my god, I just saw liz, and DAMN she’s HOTT!”
haha- this was the biggest laugh I have had
all day, except then Toe said he was like “Hell yah she
is!” haha- too funny. Anyways, toe is such a
sweety- awww- but we’re just friends. I repeat, only
friends. haha-

I’m in a surprisingly good mood tonite considering how
much yesterday sucked. For OBVIOUS reasons
and the fact that I was sick. I threw up, which almost
never happens to me, because I ate some candy and
my body supposively isn’t used to stuff like that (??) this
is what my mom told me anyway. I think the day
was all just too much for me. Yesterday I just wanted the
day to be over. All the mayhem and all the
sadness, and sickness, and lonliness, and just everything.
I didnt want to have to deal with it. Anyway~ its
today. And yesterday is gone.... but not really over.

Amy moved back in with her family late last night. Her dad
said they needed to be a family through all of
this. She can’t take it though, I can just tell. And i dont
know if I’ll be able to handle MY family
environment much longer either. It just keeps getting
crazier. My mom is all bitchy all the time, my
sisters are always at everyone’s throats, my dad is never
here (unless he needs us to do something for him)
and me, well, I’m not really helping things by excluding
myself from all the madness. But what more
would you do?

Also, today was homecoming nominations. Meredith, Caitlin,
and Sam are all in the running. All of my
friends cept for me and Mattie! We feel so.....ugly! lol-
but I had the hardest time voting, so i didnt. Its
gunna be a hard race though. Because Katelyn, Rainelle,
Chelz, and Beth are all nominated too. Its a lot
of crazy stuff in even crazier times.

I am semi confused about the whole Dustin deal. It’ll seem
like he likes me, and then it’ll seem like it
doesnt. But yet I KNOW that he does. And other guys? I dont
think there are any except for freinds. I
mean, I like a lot of people, but it’ll never go further
than liking them. I think thats how relationships are.
Its finding a person who you think you could “never do
better than” (aka: you think they’re perfect) and a
person who you like more than anyone else. Because I can
find cute things in everyone. And i love people,
so i usually end up saying I “like” a lot of people. Not in
any kind of a horny way, whatever we do/ dont
do would be fine with me (as long as its not TOO much-hehe)
but I “like” them in a way that I just love to
be around them and I could talk to them every minute of the
day~ its pretty hard to explain... but I guess
I’m the only one who needs to understand me. ~smile~

Ahhhh- hard day. And theres muchas more to come cuz its
still only 4:30. But through every that
happened I’ve learned that so much can happen in a single
moment, mostly when you least expect it. So if
you have something important to say or do, I guess you just
have to throw it out there, because you could
lose your chance. Just back to the old saying “live every
day as if it was your last.” but if i did that.... what
would I be doing? I wouldn’t be in school.... definately
no. Thats something to think about. I think I know
where alot of people would be though..... GETTING IT ON!
naw--lol-- prolly everyone would be with
their families, friends, and gf/bf. Well, since my friends
seem to mostly all have gf/bf.... Cait and Broc,
Sam and Chris, Kev and Laci.... and many more ..... now who
would I have left? Sorry, Just some crazy

~ smiles & kisses ~