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2001-09-12 22:09:36 (UTC)

Just a few things to say about this mass murder....

This is just something I wrote in response to some
very hateful opinions on an AOL chat board. Some people
want to place the blame on anyone who's not a white, full-
blooded American with no ethnic roots (which all educated
people know doesn't exist). People said they wanted to kill
all the people in America who are jews, democrats (?),
muslims, and all people who aren't white, english-speaking
15 generation Americans. It only takes very little
intelligence to see that opinions like that come from
people with no intelligence at all. Here's what I wrote:

I cannot believe how many of you are displaying the
kind of racism and prejudice that causes these kind of
events. Can't you see that you're exactly the same as the
disgusting terrorists that killed tens of thousands of
innocent people?
So many ignorant people are making threats to American
mosques, as if our own American citizens are responsible
for this. Have you NO common sense? This repulsive event
had nothing to do with Democrats, faithful american
citizens, American Jews, or American Muslims. Because of
Hitler should we hate all Germans? Don't be so ignorant.
The only people that should be retaliated against are the
people who actually caused all this death, and the people
who helped and supported them. Yes, this includes whatever
government is harboring the terrorist group responsible. If
the Palistinian men, women, AND children are brave enough
to celebrate our devastating loss and spit in our faces,
then they should be brave enough to go to war with us
because of it. Obviously, their sick remarks regarding this
mass murder are a blinking neon sign of support for the
terrorists, and they should prepare to pay dearly.
Normally, my heart cries for the innocent women and
children who are victims of war; but when those women and
children are celebrating a humongous tragedy such as this,
they shouldn't even be considered human.
I have always been a pacifist, and have always felt
pain for those killed in war; but when a terrorist group
killls this many innocent people, and another country is
supporting them and helping them hide, that country
deserves the same fate we've wrongfully received, and I
completely support any attack, no matter how brutal, that
our military decides to make. I sincerely hope that our
government doesn't just stand by and let this attack go
unpunished. I am thoroughly disgusted by these events, and
am also thoroughly disgusted by the Palistinian reaction to
I only hope that the ignorance of uneducated racists
and bigots in this country won't cause any civil wars that
we'll have to fight along with the one that is sure to
happen when our country stands up and takes action.

All my love to the families and friends of the victims,