Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-01-19 12:41:59 (UTC)

Don't Look Back. Odd Title For A Look Back.

Well, these last two days have gone really well. I've
learnt far more about the languages of the Iberian
peninsula than anyone has any reason to know - and really,
that's not much at all - I might try and design a few maps
actually, just for my own personal use. The spread of
Castilian and regression and allwhatevers of every other
peoples and yadda yadda yadda yadda.....

I've defrosted the surplus coffee from the freezer (it was
a really finely ground Peruvian, brought back - from Peru -
by a friend of mine, and it was really harsh. Dry and
strong....but it was TOO dry and strong really to be of
any use either as a pick-me-up or a keep-me-up or anything
really. Anyway, it was stored in the freezer and it just
spilled out over Christmas. These things happen. At least
it didn't ruin my hash browns. (They're potato hash
browns, not marijuana and chocolate cake types...)

Yesterday afternoon was spent in that party mood that is
better described as chilling - it was afternoon, we were
in a house, it was all very nice. And then the evening we
had a couple of bevs in the pub. All very civilised.

Anyway. That's what I've been doing. Drinking a lot of
coffee, too. As ever. However, my perculator character is
making me melancholic. It makes a perfect two cups every
time...which is fair enough. Its great, really, I love the
fact that I can have one for the first half of a programme
and one for the second. But it makes me feel I'm missing
someone each time, someone who could, for want of a
metaphor, drink the other cup.

I could really do with 'another half'. Someone to confide
in, to trust...someone who could do the same to me.
Someone who'd force me to have a purpose to each
I don't get that empty feeling when everyone leaves the

I just don't want that...but then I know if someone filled
that void I'd really miss the chance to do all the things
I can now. I couldn't win, really. Maybe I just need this
term to get into gear....maybe....

WILT? Richard Marx - Now And Forever.