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Emo Violence
2001-09-12 21:49:46 (UTC)

I cant stand this place...

so im writing an online journal, weird, i was gonna do live
journal but decided not to, on the count of the fact that
too many kids are on there, this is more private, but its
public enough that i dont care who reads it, as long as
they arent our scene kids.

ok, so lets think, its been stressing me out how much i
hate some of my friends, well just a few... first, as
always, theres emily, i hate how she ignores me unless she
wants something, alyssa does the same thing, but what do
you expect, they were rockers longer than i have been, but
i just want to tell em off, because i dont like the way she
acts, but how could i do that, everyone likes her, shes a
fine person, how could you not like her. hmm who else, i
guess adam, but he was never a freind in the first place,
but i think he thinks we were, like at the party on
saturday, i was there, i was there the whoel time, so were
him and the three star kids, so what the hell, he cant stop
and say hi, i was with will and/or the whole night, jease
louise, so i asked him about it sunday night, he says "oh,
someoen said you might be there, i didnt see you though, i
was drunk" fuck him, really thats rediculous, i made eye
contact with him several time that night, and nothing. i
wont be suprised if he fucks up this digger show and makes
s and a look bad. grr so much rantings, i cant even get
over it, i feel like i ahve so much anger in me, fuckin
live journal, so anyway, there are more people, but not
really, the rest are ok, joe, i'm mad at, i dont kno why,
im acting immature about it, but what we did in the first
place was immature and stupid. so whatever, i guess were
ok, i tickeled him today, and i think that upset him, like
when i asked him to go with me to dans last weekend, i
think he thinks i want to get with him again, not the

phew, what a great vent, that was so what i needed, anyone
can read this, i dont care, as long as you arent the scene
kids, im cool, feel free to respond or whatever, i like

you wouldnt believe how much i needed that off my chest,
exhale, ill be back later dont worry.