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2001-09-12 21:34:20 (UTC)

All about my new love :)

I thought about the day,
I dreamed of the moment,
I imagined the feeling,
Now I am here, I know, and I feel.
To feel his touch, and to smell his skin.
It was once a guess, now all to real.
I never thought I could love him more,
I didnt think it would or could be possible.
I do and I will love him forever.
Matt is my love my dream my soulmate.
I live to please his heart his soul.
He lives to please mine as well.
Never have I felt so safe, so wonderful.
He is one reason I am here and the other is my daughter.
My life is now to be lived to the fullest,
Nothing but smiles nothing but happieness.

Once so dark and so full of sadness,
Now all to wonderful I am forgetting the past,
How did i get to be with an angel?
Was it him who heard my prayer?
Matt is my love my life and my soulamte,
Forever I will tell him, and forever will he tell me,
We live to please eachother not for now but forever,
I thank him my love my angel:)

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