All About Toria
2001-09-12 21:26:43 (UTC)

It's been sometime now...

Dang I havent wrotten in this inna grip. Ive been real busy
tho. But yeah lets see what all has gone down lately.

Ive been going to Canada every Friday for three straight
weeks now. Theres a place called Cheers, a club, that we
always go to. The first time I went with Mikey and Kim,
then the last two Ive went with Mikey, Kim, and Aaron. The
second time I went I met this really cute guy but I couldnt
hook it up cuz me and Garrett were together. The last time
I went, I didnt feel good so I was having a fun time, but
not really.

I started babysitting alot about two weeks ago or so. And
Im getting paid tomorrow, im going to get my belly button
pierced! But yeah, I babysit Alexis a lil two years old
girl. and it's alright i guess, nothing special ya know. I
should be getting around 100$ tho so Im real happy:) the
people I babysit for Micheal and Christina, are really nice.

I kinda got too busy for Garrett and last Thursday he IM'd
me, not called, but used the computer lol. And he was
getting pissed and kinda being a jerk. saying I dont even
have time for him, which i wish I could say i did, but didnt
lol. and so I asked if he wanted to break up and he said
its up to me, cuz he thought i wanted to since I jumped to
asking. and so I thought he did since he was being mean,
and I told him we should break up.

On Sunday me and him talked. It was the nicest talk weve
had in a long time. And he said he really liked me and
didnt wanna stop going out with me, and he only made it up
to me cuz he thought i wanted to break up. But I told him I
didnt really. then we made plans for me to go to his house
on Monday, and Micheal was gonna drop me off and pick me

Monday came and I had to babysit, Micheal got home late and
I called Garrett telling him I'd be late. Then when I went
to call him, he didnt answer. After calling him enough
times I stopped. I kinda felt bad, cuz I was late and all.
But yesterday I talked to him and he said his ringer wasnt
working for some odd reason. I guess I can believe that but
whatever. If I woulda went over there that day, things
woulda gotten real good for me and him, but theres always
another day.

I guess that talk really got me liking him again. I mean if
you coulda heard it. We sounded so happy, and it was so
nice. But now I dont know. I dont know anything about his
thoughts or mine. But I kinda wanna go back out with him,
but probably shouldn't.

So this Mikey guy right. He's Aarons best friend, Aaron is
Kim's boyfriend, Kim is my older but shorter sister. And
Mikey wanted to hook up with me. I dont find him at all
attractive. But yeah he's really nice, but I just dont
know. Maybe it's cuz he's 20, I dont know. Garrett's only
16, maybe after 3 months I got used to going out with a guy
my own age. But Mikey, I hope he gets over this hoping of
us going out, it aint happening!

On Friday I think it was, yeah. I met this guy at the park
when I was babysitting. He was so funny, all straight
foward and stuff. When I lived in Florida every guy was
straight up and here no guys are. I love straight foward
and he was like, to his friend, "Yeah that girls fine"
then to me he was like "whats your name"
i go "Victoria"
he goes "How old are you?"
I go "16"
he goes "Do you gotta man?"
I go "nope"
he goes "Ohh dang" and came over towards me, when he was
speaking b4 he was kinda walking away.
he goes "Whats your name" for the second time
And I go "Victoria"
And he was like "What's your number?"
And I gave it to him.

I didnt get a call from him til...Monday night. But yeah I
guess he tried calling and no-one was home. Ohh well. But
he seemed really nice talking on the phone. He's a 22year
old Canadian who isnt aloud in Canada anymore, who knows why
lol. And he misses Vancouver alot. And he raps and says 1
when you stop talking lol. He's really nice.

Yeah Katie made plans with me to do something when she got
outta school. To meet her downtown at 3pm. And this guy
wanted to kick it so I was like okay call me at 4pm. I
figured me him and Katie could go play some bball! but then
all this tragic stuff happened in the U.S. so I broke my
plans to stay home and cook dinner for my mom. Her home is
New York so seeing the Twin Towers go down made her cry. So
I broke all those plans. And after watching the news for
hours I got bored lol.

Then Kim came home and was like I want you to kick it with
me and Tim from my work. And I was like umm...cuz me
kicking it with people I dont know at all makes me really
shy. But then he got here at 5:30pm and I was talking to
Garrett on the comp about his phone lol. And she made me
go. I met him, he's real nice and lives kinda down the
street. And drives a Honda Accord, that's blue. My favorite
color. He's 18 and short, but taller than me, only 5'10
tho, has brown hair, dont know what color eyes. And smokes
alotta weed.

Me and him and Kim went to his house then to Lake Padden to
smoke and then to Mickey D's for Kim's ice cream, there we
picked up some guy they knew. And dropped him off at his
house, and we smoked some more there. Then Kim wanted to go
home and make us kick it alone :( but it didnt turn out so

We dropped her off and were planning on going to the Drive
Inn, yesterday tho the Mall was closed. And we didn't know
it yet but so was the Drive-Inn. So he wanted to go the
Theaters around and see what was playing. So then we
checked the times and none played soon. So we went to
Mickey D's and he got something to eat but I wasn't hungry.
I mean I sat home watching the news all day, of course I
wasnt hungry I ate enough and lost my appitite.

Then we went to Sehome Cenimas, and nothing good was
playing, they mighta been closed actually. and then we went
back to Sunset Square. And noticed Jeepers Creepers was
playing right then, so we went in. He paid for me lol. How
odd. lol! and then the movie got over, we talked about the
ending and he drove me home. It was kinda akward getting
out, I wasnt sure what I should say lol. I mean it wasnt a
date to me so...I got out lol. Said goodbye. Blah, no
kisses tho lol.

I talked to Rheo that night on the phone for like 10
minutes, ate the home-made mac-n-cheese and passed out. I
love Rheo's voice, it's so nice and soft. And just perfect.
Every guy I know trys to sound sexy, and he didnt. I loved
talking to him. Plus he was so nice. He goes tho, at the
end of the convo "I love you" and I laughed and said "I
love you too" it was cute.

My parents are still together, but my mom kicked my dad out
two nights in a row. He was there in the morning tho. How
nice for me lol. Ohh yeah wonderful.

I havent gotten into school yet. I guess I kinda put it off
for now tho. It's all gravy to me. And that's my life for
what...the last three weeks or so.

Ohh yeah and Katie called me a shit talker, which im not.
so we havent kicked it in like three weeks. cuz ive been
avoiding her. FUCK HER. she can fucking kiss my ass for all
I care, ya know. I dont need a complusive liar in my life.

Love ya (how nice of me)- Toria Murray