Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-09-12 21:16:43 (UTC)


Nobody can believe that this happened - it's horrific.

I think we should have a day of remembrence for the people
who died, thier families, the great people in the world
trying to save what few people remain alive in the rubble,
the great people giving their time, their money, and their
blood, and the people who narrowly escaped death or
suffered injury, but this day should also be a day to say
terrorism is a cowardly act that even Allah, or Yaway, or
Jesus, or any God out there, would never justify as a great
deed, but a horrendous act. So, spread the word as far as
you can and on October 11, 2001, wear red - red sweaters,
shirts, dresses, whatever - to remember what happened a
month before that date. If we get the word out far enough,
we may see a country of Red-clad people.

Thank you.