oh make me over
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2003-01-19 06:55:50 (UTC)

first entry

yeah, as if i didnt have enough online journals...
but i'm tired of livejournal and my friends constantly
causing drama. but since my lj has more frequent updates the
link is


beyond the past
and into your sick mind
it's now falling
into place

pain can be
such a delight
at the infliction
of someone else

play the hand
that feeds you
and bite
like theres no one else
to buy your lies

on the edge of extinction
the narcissist grops
for that one last
back to stab

for one last taste
of sweet devotion
to taint
to devour
to betray

the all american rejects/homegrown/riddlin kids show was
good. i saw paul and josh 10 other kids i knew. squee
hmm nothing much to say.

current music: brand new- failure by design