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2003-01-19 06:48:56 (UTC)

January 18th, 2003 was really boring!! Stayed home all day..but
that's ok.
I woke up around 11:00AM. I brushed my teeth..umm played
video games..HAH..I was happy because I was the first one
up..and I really wanted to play video games before my
brother in law wakes up and hogs it all. Played until
12:30PM I think. I was playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
That game I think is the best!! I like Crazy Taxi also..I
like fun, violent, exciting games. I know I'm weird. My dad
went to Cub and bought some food. Me didn't go..too
cold!!!! Then ate some tasted ok. Then took
care of my nephew around 2:00PM. Took a 5 minute shower.
Read my new book call Dork In Duisguise. It's a funny book.
Played video games again!! Went online..umm..ate again..and
talked on the phone. My big sister Ta said we might go to
Mall of America tomorrow morning..or should I say more like
5PM!!!!! They don't wake up until me!! Well my
day today was really boring. Hopefully I'll have something
to watch on T.V tomorrow!! Probably adult swim on cartoon
network. My favorite shows on there are Futurama..I love
that show. Its really funny and weird. And my other
favorite it The Oblongs. That cartoon show cracks me up.
The characters on there have like one eye or a girl with
only one breast and 3 nostrils. A man with one strand of
hair and no arms or legs!! My favorite girl on there is this
fat chick whose body is like an egg. Well i'll shut the
hell up now..

~12:50AM(Jan 19, 2003 written on this date)