My So Called Life
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2003-01-19 06:38:57 (UTC)

Ok now I'm pissed

I just wrote everything in this damn journal and I clicked
one wrong button and blikety-blam...everything was
erased!! Can nothing ever go my way...I mean seriously
come on what else can go wrong...Wait forget I said
that...I don't want to know...Neways...Have you ever found
out something that you've been dying to know forever, or
at least you thought you wanted to know...Then when you
find out you wish that you could take it all back and
never know about it...It just keeps playing through your
head over and over and over again...It's like a little
chip that just rests comfortably on your shoulder but it's
driving you nuts...It's like a little annoying bee no
matter how many times you bat at it to make it go away it
just keeps coming back and buzzing in your ear!!!That
little bee starts to control your actions...You're
running around swatting at it like a crazy person...Well
that's how I feel...This one little thing that I learned
about someone...Well it's eating away at my heart...It's
starting to control the way I think of certain people...No
matter what I do to make it go away...To try and forget
about it...It just keeps tapping me on the shoulder not
letting me forget.

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