JaCkIe's SaMe oL LiFe
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2003-01-19 06:34:53 (UTC)

A new year, boring weekend...

Today I did not do anything except for homework. I went to
sleep last night at 9pm thinking I would wake up really
early today and work, work, work! I started off watching tv
and did some latin hw and then tv and then back to History
and then I just got addicted and watched TV for the rest of
the afternoon! I miss Jamie I haven't talked to her since
Wednesday or Thursday night,grr!Lala, I woke up today
feeling sick I'm catching a freakin' cold!!! UgH,I'm
stressing so much over finals and trying to get all of this
hw done by Monday night! AND then I have exactly 1 week to
have my research paper about Cesar Chavez done, too!
Anyways, I was watching this thing on MTV today on True
Life: Fat Camp and it was so sad! I didn't even know such
camps existed! Its sad how controlling food can be to ur
weight! I wanna go to food camp one day, I seriously need
to go! There was one chick who wasn't even fat, I was like
what the hecK! DaMN SOCIETY!!!!! Well, I'm gonna go cuz I'm
bored out of my mind